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Come to think of it from the social point of view, nothing is more important in the modern world perturbed by ceaseless hostilities and terrorist attacks than the moral integration of its people led by a supra-national, supra-religious and supra-party idea. Such idea has already existed for the long time now, however so far it has been proclaimed only within individual religious concessions or otherwise in limited human communities. Now, we will be taking up the point of creating some kind of a code of morality, to be followed by all people irrespectively of which human community they belong.

The working group ĎZemlianiní based at Saint Petersburg Scientists Union has started work on such document named the ĎUniversal Declaration of Humanís Responsibility,í which would be further submitted to the UNO Human Rights Committee. The idea is that post necessary improvements this document may be approved by the General Assembly and further worked in the social life as it was done in the year 1948 to the ĎUniversal declaration of Human Rights.í An attempt to create such a document may well appear an Utopia, but then the positive experience of implementation of the previous declaration gives certain grounds for optimism. That time, it was only when the document obtained the status of a universal declaration that the human community turned its attention and started self-organizational activity towards the problem of human rights.

The ĎUniversal Declaration of Humanís Responsibilityí may turn out to be a document of not lesser importance than its predecessor, that is for molding the new human attitude towards world that helps a person to always feel himself an Earth Dweller and, whatever the situation be, to behave adequately seeking the benefit for the whole human family. Presently, as it is generally agreed, civilization has entered a new phase of its evolution when human communities are forced to practically resolve not only their national but global problems as well. Thus, naturally, a requirement of identification of an individual with the mankind as a whole is coming up. Such identification does not imply attack on those specific and in many respects intimate peculiarities that differentiate one person from the other. Individual traits, as long as they do not hurt those around, should remain inviolable, and, thankfully, since 1948 they have been protected by the ĎUniversal declaration of Human Rights,í even if only to some extent.

It is becoming quite obvious that the mankind and its creature - the second nature, form the single system, the single body, the single Earth Civilization, which is only starting its way seeking an ecological niche in the Earth biosphere. But then what hampers this?

The man is endowed with a strong instinct of self-preservation, however, he does not have an instinct of system preservation, the system whose element he is. To illustrate this, one can have a look at the pattern of cell behavior in a multicellular organism where all healthy cells are programmed to provide for the system preservation; that is where the explanation of broad spectrum of certain immune abilities of the organism lies.

Philosophers of the past generations had high hopes for the rationality of the man. However, it is becoming more and more obvious that rationality is necessary but yet not sufficient enough to ensure that the man will observe moral and ethic norms, which guarantee harmonious existence of the mankind as a whole. Developers of this project believe there comes a pressing need to do something more than to just equip the individual with the knowledge of the norms of moral behavior; where more means to help the individual to acquire such attitude towards the world when he feels himself a part of the global human family, this feeling as intense as the feeling of belonging to a respectable, kind, active and caring family of his own. Would such attitude be good enough to put an end to the deeds against the human family? After all, the primary mission of the morals, unlike that of the Penal Code, is to prevent from evil deeds. How to do that?

Apparently, mere promulgation of the declaration will not be good enough, thus it is deemed essential to develop and put into practice certain measures that would help the declaration along in making its way towards the true social efficiency. Such work has already been started by the working group ĎZemlianin.í We suggest the following may be implemented provided the governmental support is obtained: - a special programme for the pre-school, school and higher education; a national system of social encouragement for those who have signed the declaration; a fashion of wearing a special emblem. The latter will imply that the emblem bearer is credited with the highest trust among the Earth Dwellers. The race in search of yet other effective measures is still open. All those willing to contribute to the point may submit their proposals to the Working group ĎZemlianin.í All copyrights will be reserved.

No doubt, the way towards the target will take long, perhaps decades. But then it becomes even more important to set out for the journey as soon as it is possible.

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