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The aim of “Zemlyanin” project

The moral state of the society causes the cares of the public. Neither the ancient gold rule of morality (saying: do not treat other people in a way you would not like to be treated, as Confucium has it) nor the Ten commandments have  become social norms, though it has been millennia since they appeared. Later documents common to all mankind such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and Universal Declaration of Human Responsibility (1997) also have not    resulted  in appeasement. In today’s world we can see permanent military actions and acts of terrorism, flourishing corruption and drug abuse so there is not more important social goal than the achievement of the moral agreement between all the Earth inhabitants (the Russian word “zemlyanin” means the same as “Earth inhabitant”. For this reason, it is urgent to create and develop the code of the moral behaviour of the Earth inhabitants, that could be appropriate for all people whether they believe in god or they are atheists, no matter what colour of skin or  citizenship they have. From understanding such a necessity appeared the first part of “Zemlyanin” project - elaboration of the document called “Universal Declaration of Human Moral Duties”.

But “Zemlyanin” project is different from other works of similar character because of the special part which contains necessary and proper programmes and activities promoting the effectiveness of the Declaration of Duties, its successful socialization. This part of the project appeared because of the analysis of reasons of religious practice low effectiveness as well as last century secular declarations low effectiveness.

The attempt in finding new approaches concerning the solution afore-mentioned problems is defined as the content of special working group for Saint-Petersburg Union of Scientists activities. This group was found in May 2004. The format of the project and course of its implementation will be highlighted on the pages of this site. Information renovation will be carried out when necessary.

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